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How to Become a TSTV Dealer in Nigeria – Registration Procedures

TSTV was launched in Nigeria on the 1st of October 2017. They are looking for dealers nationwide that can partner with them in the distribution of their decoder and dish.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, then this guide will be very helpful to you as it will help you apply and get verified.

There are some requirements you must meet before you can apply and be successfully accredited as a dealer. Accreditation is currently ongoing and you can apply only if you already have a startup capital.

Everything you need to know about becoming a TSTV dealer or agent is contained in this post. Just relax, take your time and read it before proceeding to the website to fill the dealer’s application form.

If you register now that it is cheap, you will enjoy it because you can make a good return from it. Follow me now let me show you the procedure for application and other things you need to know.

TSTV Dealers Registration Requirements

Here are things you need to have before thinking of applying.


You must have a registered business that you are running. Your business must be registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria.

You will need to snap and upload your CAC document/certificate to TSTV Africa

If your business is not yet registered, see how to register it easily with CAC here.


You must have a physical business address before you can think of applying for TSTV dealers registration. If you have a registered company but don’t have a shop, consider getting a shop for yourself because you will need to send the picture of your business environment to them to be approved.


You will have to list the co-owners of your business. These are people that their name appears in your CAC document as share holders.

You can put only your name if you are the sole owner of the company.


You will state the type of business you are into, how long you have been into the business and the number of staff you have presently to be considered a TSTV dealer.

There will be other questions that will be asked, make sure you answer them as appropriate.

TSTV Dealers Registration Form and Application Procedures

If you meet all the above stated requirements and interested in applying, find the application procedures bellow.

Visit the dealers registration portal

Fill the form and upload your documents as appropriate and submit.

Now wait for a reply from them.

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