NYSC Exemption/Exclusion Letter Online Registration 2019

How to apply for NYSC Exemption/Exclusion Letter Online – NYSC Portal

For those looking for exemption letters, I am going to tell you what they really are, how to apply and perform the online registration and how to print your NYSC Exemption/Exclusion Letter.

Many people have been asking me how to go about their exclusion letter because they don’t want to serve. I know some people still don’t know what exemption or exclusion letters are but I will clarify the air and make everything open to all.

What is NYSC Exemption/Exclusion Letter?

It is been given to a part-time student or those who graduated from any Nigerian university but couldn’t make it to the camp because of one reason or the other. Those in such situation will have to register for Exemption letter online, it will be issued to them and they will have all the privileges others that went camp has.

Some employers or government recruitment do require that applicants provide their NYSC discharge certificate, in the absence of the discharge certificate, Exemption letter speaks.

To get the NYSC Exemption Letter or certificate, you must do an online registration to that end. Don’t worry if you don’t know the processes involved, I will be your couch here. I only want you to read carefully so that you will not make any mistake.


Before you will be able to print your exemption letter, there are processes you must have followed. I will list the processes for both foreign and local students.

Local Students (People that Studied in Nigeria)

The School you attended will submit the master list of their graduates alongside with the Senate approved result to NYSC.

NYSC will now process those that will be called up for service and those to be exempted. This print-out is sent back to the Institutions for verifications and corrections after which they are returned to NYSC as an agreed/corrected document.

With the print-out, the Certificates of Exemption are produced, documented and sent back to the Institutions for issuance to the appropriate persons.

Important: Collection of Certificate of Exemption for home trained graduates is only done in the Institution of graduation and not in NYSC office.

Foreign Students (Those who graduated from schools abroad)

The international Passport and other necessary documents of the student here will be evaluated.

After the evaluation of credentials, the foreign-trained graduate is then registered and this is physically done at the NYSC directorate headquarters, Abuja. It is at the point of registration that the classification of who to be called-up or who to be exempted; is determined.

Certificates of Exemption are therefore produced for those exempted from service.

Such Certificates of Exemption for foreign graduates are to be collected at the NYSC directorate headquarters at the stipulated time communicated.

 How to Check Status Of NYSC Exemption/Exclusion Letter

Login to NYSC Portal

Check the Senate Verification List to know if your name has been uploaded

Follow up with the registration and collect the print out of your certificate at the appropriate place.

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