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In line with the directives of the council regulating the practice of nursing and midwifery in Nigeria, all Registered Nurses and Midwives are required to complete a Professional Update Form (PUF).

The Application commences on the 17th July 2017 and will be brought to an end on Tuesday, 17th October 2017.

If you are a registered Nigerian Nurse or Midwife, you should follow the instructions bellow to register and update your profile in the database of NMCN. To do so, you will need to get instructions and methods of filling the form.

Note that the update is done online only, is currently opened for that purpose. After the deadline, you will not be able to perform the update and that is why it is necessary to avail yourself the opportunity of doing it now while there is still time.

A guide has been specified by one of our admin and you should follow it to be able to complete your online Professional Update form for Nigerian Nurses and Midwifes.

Instructions for Professional Update Form (PUF) For Registered Nurses and Midwives

Download the Form Template here

All categories of Nurses/Midwives are to complete and submit their online Professional Update Form(PUF)

Only one form should be completed by an individual Nurse/Midwife. Multiple forms are not allowed

Names must be in FULL

All Information Provided MUST be accurate.

All registered Nurses/Midwives must provide registration number(s) for all professional qualification(s) registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria

Registration number(s) MUST be alphanumeric while entering the data e.g. RN1234 or RM1234 (no dot, no space).

All registered Nurses/Midwives must provide their PIN as it appears on their licence except for Basic Midwives and Psychiatric Nurses with single professional qualification only.

Employment record must be current and accurate.

It would be assumed that Nurses/Midwives who do not complete this form are not registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

The Professional Update Form (PUF) will be available from the 17th of July – 17th of October 2017.

How to Complete Nursing and Midwifery of Nigeria Professional Update Form

Visit the PUF portal

Click on “I have read and understood the instructions”.

Continue to fill in your Personal Details in section A, Employment Records in Section B and Professional Qualification(s) Held in Section C.

You will also need to enter your information as it appears on your Licence. The information required here includes: Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Licence Expiry Date.

When you are through, upload your passport and check the box for declaration. Review your form and save it.

Now you have successfully done the Nursing and Midwifery of Nigeria Profile updated. You are not required to do anything again.

If you have any challenge, do let us know.

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