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www.Caps.Jamb.Gov.Ng: How to Register for JAMB CAPS & Login

Learn How to Login and Register for Jamb Central Admission Processing System (JAMB CAPS)

I have come to understand that Jamb launched a system which is said to handle admission processing and other related information.

I, therefore, deem it right to teach all the jambites how to register on the portal. It is not something too difficult but some people might find it difficult. If you follow this guide step by step, you will be able to register, login and check admission status for 2017/2018 session.

Jamb Caps is very important. Many institutions do collect money from unqualified candidates and offer them provisional admission while leaving those who merited it behind. This and much more will be taken care of via the Central Admission Processing System by Jamb.

On this tutorial, I will teach the following:

  • What Caps Means
  • Jamb Caps Registration
  • Jamb Caps Login
  • How to check Admission Status on Jamb Caps Portal
  • Important Of Jamb Caps to UTME Students

Jamb Caps Explained.

As mentioned earlier, it simply means the Central Admission Processing System. It was launched by Jamb in 2017 with the aim of giving candidates a secure portal to check their status. They will be able to accept or reject an offer of provisional admission on the portal.

Once a candidate accepts an offer of admission, his/her admission will be concluded but if a candidate rejects the offer of admission, the person’s name will be listed on the market. Any institution can choose and offer admission to such a person.

Ok, having known much about caps, let’s proceed and see how one can register, login and check admission status.

Jamb Caps Registration Procedure – Portal

If you want to register on the portal, follow the steps below:

Visit the registration portal at

Follow the instruction to complete the registration.

How to Login Jamb Caps portal

You only need your username and password from the registration guide above to login. During the online registration, you entered your preferred username and password, this is what you are going to use for login.

Here is how:

Visit the website

Enter your username and password.

Click on login to proceed.

How to check Admission Status on Jamb Caps Portal

The purpose of this tutorial is to check admission status. Now, see how you can check whether or not you have been admitted.

Visit Jamb Admission Status Checking Portal

Login with your Jamb Profile email and Password

Click on check admission status

Select year of examination and enter your Registration number.

View your status.

Important Of Jamb Caps to UTME Students

It will help to restore the autonomy of institution and protect academic calendar.

Also, it will expand admission opportunities for candidates.

This and much more are the importance of jamb Caps

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